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bad A/C smell

 Professional A/C Cleaning and Disinfection for your Car

It is a common problem that mould and bacteria cause a musty odour or smell in a car's aircon. This is usually caused by moisture and debris inside the evaporator box.

Depending on the severity this can be a nuisance or a health concern; spores from mould can cause or promote allergies and other health issues. 

A commercial antibacterial disinfection will remove the cause of the smell, not override it like deodorant. Parking under trees, poor service history, dirty conditions and a blocked drain pipe can be contributing factors. This odour can be stronger when the A/C is first turned on or in colder and humid weather conditions.

This Service can be added to a Premium Regas Service for an additional $69. Please leave a note in the booking form about the A/C Cleaning 

mouldy evaporator
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disinfection  evaporator treatment

 Inspection of evaporator and drain pipe

The evaporator box is usually the cause of the smell, as this is the part that gets damp from condensation during normal A/C operation. This attracts dust and other airborne particles, especially if the Cabin Air Filter is dirty as well. The drain pipe can be blocked, causing stale water to build up around the evaporator coil.

 Removal of debris

This is the most important step and it makes the difference between just deodorizing your car and a proper disinfection. 

It means removing the cabin air filter, and cleaning the evaporator box and drain pipe from residue. In some cases the evaporator needs to be removed altogether. 


Once everything is clean and dry, we apply the antibacterial A/C system cleaner to the evaporator and air ducting. This washes out dust, kills existing mould and bacteria and forms a protecting film to prevent new growth. Once cabin air filter and all panels are installed everything needs to dry, and you are ready to go.

clean a/c ducting

After this disinfection your A/C should be self-cleaning, and you can breathe fresh air again.

Watch the Liqui Moly Video on YouTube

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