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Mobile Aircon Regas from $189

Is your car aircon not as cold as it once was? Time to book your Mobile Aircon Regas in Perth with atmechanical. We come to you and service your A/C system to make sure everything is in good working order. This includes-

During the Aircon Regas Service we replace missing refrigerant and make sure that your A/C is working as it should. This ensures peak cooling performance under all conditions and avoids costly repairs down the track. An Aircon Regas Service should be performed every 2-3 years to avoid low levels of refrigerant. Once low, the A/C system doesn't cool well and overheats, putting undue stress on components and ultimately causing compressor failure. Our Regas Service includes an initial inspection, refrigerant recovery, recharge and performance test.

The Premium Regas Service adds a new Cabin Air Filter to keep pollution, dust and odours out of your car.

If you are experiencing a smell from you A/C, we can help with that too, with our  Professional A/C Cleaning and Disinfection

Repairs and in-depth leak detection are not part of a Regas Service and are charged separately 

Got more questions? Head over to the Blog or Pricing 

Mobile Aircon Regas Prices

99$ Anchor
eftpos mobile aircon regas perth credit


A/C Inspection

Call Out Fee

Systems Pressure Test

Visual Inspection

Leak Test as required

15 min of Diagnostics

Quote for Repairs

Please note, the A/C blower needs to be working for this. The A/C inspection is included in a Regas Service and does NOT add to it.


R134a Regas Service

for most Cars and 4WD includes:

A/C Inspection
R134a Refrigerant < 1000 Grams

Compressor Oil and Dye
Performance Test

Additional parts and repairs excluded,

extra costs may apply


R134a Premium Regas Service 

for all Cars and 4WD includes:

R134a Regas Service


New Cabin Air Filter

Additional parts and repairs excluded,

extra costs may apply

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