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Cabin Air Filter Perth

Cabin Air Filter

When it is time for your aircon regas service you should also think about your cabin air filter. Regular replacement keeps your A/C strong and your car clean. It filters the air that enters the passenger cabin and removes pollutants like exhaust smoke, dust and plant pollen. It should be replaced according to manufacturer's specifications or more often if necessary, for example in dusty conditions or if you park underneath trees. A dirty filter can lead to odour or smell, unhealthy cabin air, reduced A/C performance and increased wear and tear for the A/C system down the track. 

Head over to the Blog to see some real world examples

ozone treatment
Aircon Disinfection Perth

A/C Ozone Disinfection

This treatment destroys volatiles that cause smells in your car seats and upholstery, and disinfects the evaporator and A/C ducting, leaving your car smelling fresh and ... less.

Unlike deodorants, ozone destroys smells and does not mask up,

and there is no lingering perfume after the treatment.

 Ozone works well against general odours, cigarette smell and pet smell; it is not effective against bacteria and mould living in the evaporator box. This requires the more thorough Antibacterial A/C Cleaning.


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