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Toyota Prado 120 A/C Leak and Evaporator Replacement explained

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Recently a customer contacted us about their Prado A/C to find a refrigerant leak. The car had been regassed previously, and lost cooling performance again over 2 months. The evaporator was corroded and needed to be replaced. Sometimes this type of leak is accompanied by a smell from the A/C ducting when the A/C is first used in the morning.

This is a major job on the Prado with DUAL ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL ( LCDs with driver and passenger temperature ) as the dash needs to be removed: the HVAC unit is split in the centre and needs to be disassembled outside the car.

Please note that the Prado with MANUAL A/C Control ( one manual dial for fan speed and one for temperature ) is easier and cheaper to replace, here the evaporator can be replaced through the passenger footwell.

There is some misleading information out there, please consider what type of A/C control you have when getting quotes for this repair.

At atmechnical, we specialize in Automotive Air Conditioning, and can help you diagnose the issue - as well as carry out the repair if required.

​This Aircon Repair can be carried out mobile in a secure and protected location like a double garage or carport.

The price includes all required OEM parts and labour, as well as a Premium Regas Service.

If you would like to book this repair for your car in Perth, WA, you can text your details including address and Rego to 0417 999 478, or you can complete an Online Booking and choose the option 'Inspection' - and leave a note about the required repair.

All repairs include a 12 month warranty



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