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Automotive Air Conditioning Cleaning in Perth

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

It is a common problem that mould and bacteria cause a musty odour or smell in a car's aircon. This is usually caused by moisture and debris inside the evaporator box.

Depending on the severity this can be a nuisance or a health concern; spores from mould can cause or promote allergies and other health issues. 

A commercial antibacterial disinfection will remove the cause of the smell, not override it like deodorant. Parking under trees, poor service history, dirty conditions and a blocked drain pipe can be contributing factors. This odour can be stronger when the A/C is first turned on or in colder and humid weather conditions.

The Aircon Disinfection can be carried out mobile in a secure and protected location like a double garage or carport.

If you would like to book this repair for your car in Perth, WA, please complete an Online Booking and choose the option 'Inspection' - and leave a note with more details about the required repair.



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