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Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Conditioning Evaporator Leak

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Last week the owner of a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee contacted me about his air conditioning leaking refrigerant. He had a Mobile Aircon Regas carried out prior by another technician, who had also correctly diagnosed the refrigerant leak in the car's evaporator.

Most modern cars with climate control have the evaporator installed parallel to the firewall in the HVAC Box, and the Grand Cherokee is no exception. Due to this design the replacement of the evaporator takes a little longer as the dash needs to be removed.

I confirmed the A/C leak myself to be sure, and then replaced the air conditioning evaporator.

After a pressure test the Aircon Regas was completed, and the interior re-installed - ready for many summers to come.

​This Aircon Repair can be carried out mobile in a secure and protected location like a double garage or carport.

The price includes all required OEM parts and labour, as well as a Premium Regas Service.

If you would like to book this repair for your car in Perth, WA, you can text your details including address and Rego to 0417 999 478 or complete an Online Booking and choose the option 'Inspection' - and leave a note with more details about the required repair.

All repairs include a 12 month warranty



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