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Mercedes ML 320 W164 Control Valve and DTC 9006

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Today we got a call out to a ML 320 W164 , the new owner had just recently bought the car and the aircon did not work. It turned out to have a shorted A/C Control Solenoid Valve, shorting out power to ground. As this was an electrical failure, it was safe to install a new Control Valve into the Denso Compressor and complete the Aircon Regas.

It is important to note that Mercedes has a 'special' Control Valve that has an internal diode - many aftermarket control valves and aftermarket compressors might come without the diode, causing a trouble code DTC 9006 "Component A9 ( AC Compressor ) has Short Circuit" error, and the HVAC controller will shut off the compressor.

To complete the Aircon Repair, Mercedes requires an adaptation procedure, which teaches the HVAC controller the working range of the new Control Valve.

If you would like to book this repair for your car in Perth, WA, please complete an Online Booking and choose the option 'Inspection' - and leave a note with more details about the required repair.

All repairs include a 12 month warranty



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