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Save Money - Aircon Service

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Here is an example highlighting how important a Aircon Service can be to the function of your car. I had to replace the evaporator in a car that had a leak in the aircon. During disassembly it was clear what had happened - the Cabin Air Filter had been fitted incorrectly for many years, and debris had made it into the evaporator. Now everything stayed wet and smelly for a while, until the evaporator finally corroded and started leaking.

If we could have caught it earlier, an A/C Cleaning might have saved the day, as this would have removed the debris and avoided the corrosion afterwards.

A new Cabin Air Filter is part of every Premium Regas Service and can help you save money on repairs and keeps your A/C clean.

If you would like to book this repair for your car in Perth, WA, please complete an Online Booking and choose the option 'Inspection' - and leave a note with more details about the required repair.

All repairs include a 12 month warranty



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